10 Reasons for Making Dubai Your Home

10 Reasons for Making Dubai Your Home

Opportunity for Economic Growth

Dubai is a fast expanding economy; with high growth rates of more than 15% in the past year and at times double digits currently. Recent years have witnessed Dubai expanding from a small city state into a massive metropolis. The hundreds of billions of dollars have been flowing in every an year in order to fund the construction Bonanza which is unprecedented for history. History of the region at most, if not even the global history. There are a myriad of opportunities to earn cash in Dubai. There are plenty of opportunities to invest or setting up your own company or you’re looking to find work and believe that you’re better than others and you are confident that you will be the best, and then Dubai is a destination with a massive demand for experts and talented individuals. The corporate world isn’t able to get its hands to adequate Human Capital and this creates opportunities for individuals from all over the globe. It’s amazing to know by the number of nationalities employed in Dubai. Dubai is also known for creating opportunities for businesses from around the world to visit Dubai to exhibit their services and products to buyers from all over the globe in trade fairs and Exhibitions which are held at the Exhibition Halls and Convention Centers of the Dubai World Trade Center.

Tax-free Income 

Why else would you would like to put into your best effort while you’re secure in the knowledge that no matter what you earn is yours and you don’t need to pay Wealth, Income as well as Corporate Taxes. There are no Taxes in Dubai! Wow! That’s cool.

Amazing Lifestyle in Dubai

Standard of Living in Dubai (improving every day) are more than the Fast-Developing economies of the world. Dubai has a wide range options for Life Style options. World class infrastructure Quality Products with High Standard living choices offer the lifestyle you want to reside in Dubai. A luxurious residence and driving a classy car is definitely within your reach. The cost of living has shot up in recent times because of the huge influx of residents moving to Dubai from all over the globe, and consequently increasing the cost of renting exponentially.

 Entertaining Nightlife at Dubai

If you are an expat living within Dubai the nightlife scene is sure to be among the first things they look into! The nightlife is when the party scene in Dubai gets going and there are such numerous activities, events and venues with a huge array of nightlife activities that it’s hard to figure out where to start! Dubai is a pulsating energetic, hardworking youthful, vibrant place and the nightlife is a reflection of the spirit that the town has. If you’re planning on resident within Dubai the nightlife won’t disappoint you and you’ll find an entirely new venue and new event every time you go out! To get the latest bar as well as pub, club and event reviews and listings, Time Out Dubai is an excellent resource.

Luxury Shopping Exposure

Dubai is shopping paradise not just for expatriates who reside within Dubai as well for tourists and visitors on short trips to the city state. The shopping experience begins at DDF’s Duty-Free Shops, which are most likely to be the best anywhere in terms of variety prices, ambience and price. There is a certain ambiance about Dubai Duty Free shops or DDF. Millionaire Raffles and raffles to win Luxury Cars and Bikes offer an excellent chance to win big and are extremely well-known tickets all over the world. If you are looking to move away from DDF and to the city, there’s an abundance of shopping options, from Posh malls offering exclusive brands from around the world as well as the exotic Souks (Souk and Souq is the Arabic word that means market) for every day, affordable shopping. Souks for Spices and Gold are popular tourist destinations because of their distinctive character and wide range of merchandise with bargain prices. Shopping is increased by the Dubai Shopping Festival (January-February) and Dubai Summer Surprises (June – August) and billions of dollars are put in to Dubai Economy during these Shopping seasons.

Approachability to the World

Dubai Airport is one of the most crowded airports in the world today. It’s home to numerous airlines that fly to and from nearly every corner of the globe and all locations in between. It’s easy to get around for anyone. It is possible to catch a direct flight to all major cities in the world and you will have a variety of alternatives regarding Airlines and schedules for these destinations. Emirates Airlines is Flag-bearer Airline of Dubai and is thought of as (voted several many times) as one of the best Airlines around the globe where Air Crew speaks at least 7 languages, or more! Dubai Airport is expanding all the time, and the best news is that there’s an airport that is that is in the works to be constructed along with an entire new city to be built in Jabel Ali.

Flexible Schooling System

Education for children in the expatriates can choose from a range of schools to select from with regards to the location and their curriculum. A majority of schools have a website that provides information about the curriculum, the method of teaching, annual fees and so on. It is better to locate your lodging close to schools since traffic jams at rush hour could an issue for parents and kids alike. Students hailing in the UK and USA have the most variety of schools in the UAE since most schools adhere to one of or both the British or American curriculum. If you’re looking for alternatives, There are French schools located in Dubai as well as an Australian and an Australian and German institution in Sharjah. There are a variety of Indian and Pakistani schools that offer curricula that are based on the home country’s educational methods.

World-Class Infrastructure

Dubai, as a real metropolitan, is constantly striving to provide top infrastructure that will enhance the image it has created over time in the midst of the cities and states. Roads, while not perfect yet are growing fast as the development pace increases including the flyovers, overhead bridges, underpasses and so on. Compare with the top of the best in terms of design and sturdiness and safety standards. Dubai Metro Project is in full swing towards the end of its initial phase, and when it is completed will provide relief to commuters who often find themselves in traffic jams for long periods of time nowadays. The entire city is a huge construction site in that Metro project. Other infrastructures like Exhibition Centers and Telecommunications facilities Bandwidth of Internet as well as Air and Sea Travel facilities for passengers and cargo facilities are top of the quality.

Culture and Sports

Dubai is often called an “ethnic melting pot. The description could not be more precise as there are more than more than 180 nationalities living and working in such a tiny area. There are a variety of events happening every day. Art and Theater shows are rapidly becoming regular components in the city’s Cultural Scene. For those with sharp ears and eyes there are lots happening in venues such as Madinat Theater and various art galleries. Sports are another aspect that has put Dubai on the World map. Dubai regularly organizes massive sporting events like Tennis, Horse Racing and Golf and Rugby and more. Where the top athletes from the respective sports make an appearance in the city, competing and entertaining spectators of sport.

A Safe Place for Living and Business

Dubai is one of the most secure locations on the planet. It is possible to walk throughout the night or day in the streets and pathways of Dubai without fear of being robbed or attacked. With a low rate of crime and a plethora of crime-free streets, it is laudable for authorities for having a secure apparatus in which security forces are not seen in public areas, yet people feel at ease. They’re vigilant, but not in the public eye. A newcomer is at home in Dbai.

I am an ex-pat who has lived in Dubai for the past 10 years. I made the move into Dubai in 1997, when I left my successful banking career, and decided to pursue something more difficult and uncertain – entrepreneurship! This too, in the middle of nowhere and was able to settle in Dubai.

I simply love Dubai because it’s the only destination on the planet that entices people from across the globe to visit Dubai to visit, work and to live.There are a number of discounts offered by Etihadand Turkish Airlines.