Best Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners 2020

Best Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners 2020

Blogging is one of the important parts of digital marketing as well as the fastest growing platform for people in 2020.

Let’s go through the stepwise process and mind map to start blogging in 2020. Today let make a goal to make income from blogging through Google AdSense.

10 Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Here are some tips and tricks for beginner to start their blogging journey. A proper guide may save your time and money. So as for myself, I love to share some points that I follow in learning blogging 2020.

1.Choosing Platform

For blogging, there is a lot of popular platform for startups but among all blogger and WordPress is the best platform to startup. If you have a good budget you can go through WordPress and if your budget is low then blogger is best.

You can find many tutorials on youtube to set up your WordPress as well as the blogger. Follow and setup your blogger and WordPress account.

2.Find Niche

For making a profit from blogging I highly recommend you to find a microniche. On microniche, your earning is starting within 2-3 months. And also find a niche in which you really have an interest in it because sometimes you may think blogging tough. Thus do a lot of research before choosing a niche.

After choosing your niche do research on your competitors, find which keywords they are ranking and which keywords they are getting a lot of traffic.


For microniche, you must insert the keyword on it but if you put keywords on your domain it will help you to rank higher than choosing the wrong domain. Then for AdSense approval, you must make your domain at least 2 months. For both blogger and WordPress, a high class domain like .com,.net,.xyz, etc is required to buy a high class domain.

4.Choose Clean Template

Choose the right clean sheet template because choosing the wrong template may make you apply for AdSense many times. So choose an SEO friendly, AdSense advertisement friendly, schema friendly template. You will find thousands of templates on the internet. Choosing a clean responsive template is also good blogging tips and tricks for beginners.

5.Keyword Research

Keyword Research is another best practice every blogger should focus on and one of the best blogging tips and tricks every beginners need to know.If you work on the keyword you like and you have an interest then there is a low chance to rank posts on google but if you work in the low competition keywords there is a very high chance that you may rank on google.I recommend converting the short tail keyword to long tail keywords.

You can use tools like ahref, semrush, and many other tools for keyword research.

6.On-Page SEO

While writing an article you must be careful and write a SEO friendly article.On-page SEO is one of the best blogging tips for beginners. On-page SEO includes all SEO practices which need to be followed for raking. You need internal linking and external linking. You need to maintain keyword density and also make a suitable meta description for your article.

Make Bold Italic or Underline your focus keyword while writing articles and also focus on the landing pages. Make you 100 words attractive and use the focus keyword within the first 100 words.

7.Site Optimization

A faster site gain a lot of clicks as well as audience engagements. So image compression is one of the important factors to increase page speed. I also recommend using gzip compressor which compresses all your Html, javascript, and CSS.

8.Off-Page Seo

As a fresh startup, your domain authority is 0 so your website value to google is low. Thus you need to increase your authority to rank on google. There are many factors by which you can increase your domain authority.

For example: If I make a new company in the market the trust rate of my company is zero as I don’t have enough customers. So, after my company getting good feedbacks and engagements in people my company’s trust rate will increase.

Similarly, a new website has zero authority so ranking on 0 competition keyword may be difficult. Thus, you should take care of link-building or off-page SEO. Many beginners don’t focus on off-page SEO which makes their site grow slower.

You can find a lot of link-building tutorials in the youtube also.


Share your website to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media which increases your traffic as well as make your site active and followers on your site.

10.Apply For Adsense

Now, after 15 to 20 posts you can apply for Adsense for monetization and earn money through the blogging. Now the writing skills and traffic is changed to your passion as well as money.

If you are now to the google Adsense also there are a lot of videos on youtube you can follow them and apply for Google Adsense for monetization.


These are some blogging tips and tricks for beginners as I follow these till now on blogging. Comment below if I left anything on my article. 🙂