Up for a destination wedding? Here is the checklist you might need!

Like a lot of people these days, if you are also up for one of such plans. Then Mexico might be the best choice you make in years. People might forget what color clothes bride had best hotels in Puerto Penasco or what expressions groom made on the first look. They might even forget what they had for dinner in some years to come. But the beautiful venue will have an imprint in their minds for longer than you can imagine.

Checklist to find Best Hotels in Puerto Penasco

But before you take off for an amazing journey and find your way in some of the Best Hotels in Puerto Penasco, make sure you have everything you need for your big day. Here is a checklist to help you out. We want you to have some of the best days of your life here in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

1.If you are the bride, groom or among the witnesses, remember that you have to reach the destination at least three business days prior to the big day. With that being said, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count in the business days.

2.Before you enter the amazing city of Mexico, you must have a valid passport in hand. This one is a basic point as you will need a passport where ever you go, but you do not want any hassle on a wedding, do you? Make sure your passport is valid and not expired.

3.You will be given a tourist card at the airport on your arrival. Make sure you do not leave it lying somewhere or lose it. Because if you did, you might find yourself in some serious trouble.

4.You must undergo a complete blood test before entering Mexico. If you are unsure about the proper requirements or guidelines, you can find it on the official website.

5.You must have decided the venue if you are among the people arranging this event. You will find may Rocky Point hotels condos in the area and choosing the most suitable one for function and making the stay comfortable for your guests is an important task. This is only possible if you talk to the management and get proper quotes from each. Only by comparing all the options at different levels can help you make a proper decision.