Best On-Page SEO techniques that will boost your website’s rankings

On Page SEO definition

Handling the On-page performance of a website is entirely dependent upon the owner of the site. On page SEO just like the offpageSEO is done to achieve better rankings. The focus of on-page SEO is to optimize the content on the website to get organic traffic.

The concept of SEO revolves around the concept of the keywords

You need to embed the right set of keywords into your content so that when someone searches for information regarding the keyword, then the website with the embedded keyword will pop out:

SEO can be classified into 2 types; On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Many on-page SEO techniques can help build a website and make the web page rank higher. Check out some of the best On page SEO techniques that you should consider doing:

  1. Page Title

The main title of the page should have all the main keywords,and it should not be stuffed. Embedding the keyword will have a significant impact on the ranking of the SEO keyword. Another thing that you need to consider is that you must make the title attractive to catch the eye of the readers of your website content.

And make sure that the length of the website title should not exceed 60 characters.

  1. Page URL

The URL structure of a webpage is very important.

  • Insert the main keyword in the URL.
  • Keep the length least.
  • Avoid using the stop words in the URL of your webpage as it might harm your ranking.
  1. Sitemaps

If you have not checked the sitemap of your website, then it is the biggest mistake that you are doing. Sitemap is a path followed by the crawlers of the website to know the order of the website and checks if it has a proper structure. A sitemap also helps the crawlers to go through the content on our website. A sitemaptest with a Sitemap Checker you can check the status of the sitemap on your website.

  1. Image Alt Tag

It is also known as “alt description” and “alt attribute,” it is an HTML attribute that it is applied to the image tags. It provides a text alternative to the search engines. When the crawlers crawl a website then the images that which have properly formatted alt text, then images with the alt text and the webpage will rank higher.  Image alt tag is useful for the browsers as they help to optimize the images so that they appear when searched for in the search engines.

  1. Internal Linking

The links that take a reader from one post to another for a reference is known as internal linking. Internal linking can help increase the number of page views and also help reduce the bounce rate.

The crawlers can reach the depth of the website and increase the visibility of the pages limited less number of times. Make it a point that you have a goodamount of internal linkings within your website.