Aries Zodiac Characteristics, Love life, health and Physical Appearance

Aries in his many fits knows no favorites – Homer

The seeds of depression, even if planted, will die a quick death in Arien soil- Linda Goodman

The birth sign of the zodiacs, Fire and warmth is all about Aries.

Ruled by Mars, there is no task that these hot beings can never not do. Brimming with energy, this sign is always about pushing mountains far.

The Aries characteristics would include a bold personality, strong abilities, a lean energetic built to support their headstrong nature. For an Aries, there is nothing that is ever impossible.

Let us explore a little more into how the people under the Aries Zodiac sign function.


Enthusiastic, in love with speed, brimming with gurgling energy levels, Aries personalities would secretly wish for an extremely active life. Slow Ariens are never found on Earth, they can run from pole to post many times in a day, if required. Ruled by Mars, if you have to sum up about Aries, then they can be best defined as a plain, simple, pure source of Fire energy. A gush of warm Spring Sunlight, it may seem as though an Arien never tires during the day. 

Mesha (Aries) Rashi Characteristics

Have you ever thought, how it would be to define an energy bundle?

Let’s try to see if we can jot down the Aries personalities.

  • Little patience towards people who lack common sense.
  • Keeping calm– not possible Guys! I am an Aries personality.
  • Fearless dragons– I bring fortune wherever I go.
  • Unabashed– I go by my rules and beliefs.
  • Fight me– If you want to lose.
  •  Confident– I can’t lend my ears to every barking dog.
  • I stand alone: I fight my own Evils, I have no time for mind games and I would love to punch you, lest you cross the Lines.
  • Demanding: I just understand my wants and desires, I also want you to know what I want.

Let us find out a little about the Aries physical traits. In one word, if you have to define an Aries physical trait, you would term it “rugged.”

Aries Physical Appearance

The Aries physical appearance or physique is often similar to a fighter in a battle. They have,

There is nothing more important for an Aries than their health and often their energy can sprinkle a dash of stamina over you, if you are around an Arien ever.

Let’s find out what they prefer for a healthy living. 

Aries Health

Aries are born with beautiful skin, hair and body. Aries are not into much Yoga, meditation and calming methods of health and balance. Rather, they would prefer a long run, or would be interested in gymnastics more than anything. The reason is their planetary guide- Mars.

Movement is life for these Aries and they would not be daunted by anything when they have made up their mind.

An Aries would prefer running a race mentally. “Studies have shown that the secret behind a slim Aries lies in their heads.” Sharp, agile, focussed, dauntless, driven by the right palpable truths of the world they are not very good at su-real experiences.

Things to do on Chocolate and Teddy Day.

A cup of tea, a run down the park, a swift walk in the evening, lots of thinking, some worrying and continuous breathing is all they require to stay fit. 

The impact is less on the aging cells, they are quite youthful looking beings when you consider Aries health. Some of them do not seem to age at all, as life moves on. 

They are always cheerful and happy people. You would not find a more generous female in the entire Zodiac race who is even closer to an Arien woman when it comes to hospitality. But, make sure you do not cross the line. 

Aries Cautions 

Below are a few Aries cautions you need to obey for this year and also, if possible make it into a list, you may wish to follow always. 

You need to be on guard Aries. You are tactless, straight warriors. Learn a little tact as you move around.

  1. Do not be too loud. It is not what you speak is wrong, it is just what others interpret would go wrong. Your childlike rebellious nature is no longer what the world prefers, so mull more.
  2. Do not grow impatient. Try to find a way next year, it would serve your purpose. 
  3. Flow with the water currently. Make appropriate changes in your lifestyle. Cool down, calmly and slowly move through your plans. 
  4. Take care of your anxieties and tensions. Do not let them grow over you.
  5. Do not drop your desires to earn more but do not think of amassing wealth more than required this year.

Aries Finances

Finance for Aries is a neat thing for an Aries. There is almost always a chance that you would do better than the rest. Mars, your Lord sits in your House this year. 


 Avoid an extravagant life this year, do not try to exude a pompous life unnecessarily to balance your finances Aries. Don’t act out of impulse or else you may lose more than you can. Avoid hurried investments and do not compare yourself with anyone in terms of finances. Aries are often described as the comets of the sky- that appear and disappear within a blink. If you have to survive, you have to learn to stal life, you have to practice patience and you have to slow down. The more impatient you grow the more you would be tested. No matter how hard you try, it is an Arien trait to always have an unbalanced budget. 

Cool down, it’s time to brace for the impact.

Finances, Aries would be far better for you next year, be Mim! haughty Aries, for now.

Aries Love and Marriage life

Love and marriage is a great stimulator for you. Besides anything, you like to be constantly accompanied. You often marry in a hurry but then you do not regret doing it. Marriage becomes your life. 

You follow and believe traditions and often obey many things without a question or a doubt.

Learn to learn the reasons. 

Aries compatibility with the other two Fire signs- Leo and Sagittarius is awesome. 

Leo and Aries is like the “beast falling in love with its prey.” 

The Sagittarian adventures would be loved by the Arien who cannot often hope to scatter to such an extent and yet not vanish.

You are also compatible with Air signs- a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. You can do well with an Aquarius and sometimes, even the slow Pisces, since they are your Karmic partners along with Taurus and Gemini.

Mesh Rashifal for today is the best place to find out if you would do well in your pursuits.

To conclude, the most innocently believing souls, Aries appear to be quite close to the Rams. Affectionate, prudent, energetic, ardent and quite stern in their outlooks they are the best ones to go to war beside you. Their hearts are quite soft as opposed to their tough exterior. So, this should be pretty much all about Aries for you.

For a thorough Aries day to day interpretations, refer to the daily Rashifal.