JBL Boombox Bluetooth speakers Review

JBL Boombox Bluetooth Speakers Review

Hey, guys, in this post, we’re going to be checking out the best bass Bluetooth speakers JBL Boombox you can buy right now.

Specification, Sound quality and Price:

This is the best overall bass Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking for the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker for the patio pool, beach or tailgate party, then the JBL boombox speaker’s one of your best choices with monstrous sound and hard hitting bass and waterproof up to three feet of water currently priced at 400 dollars. The JBL boombox is the ultimate pool party boombox with up to. Twenty four hours of booming sound from a single charge, you’ll find the designed to be classic JBL with fabric and plastic to keep it waterproof. And the build quality is quite exceptional with some serious weight on it, so it won’t get knocked over easily when the party gets going. But the sturdy handle still makes it convenient for easy portability. There’s only a few buttons to keep the look streamlined, with most functions being able to be controlled on their mobile app. You’ll find that sound quality really is amazing and full coming from the four active transducers. If you’re a bass lover, you’re going to love how the extra bass kicks in when you’re outside from the two bass radiators, especially when you switch on the outdoor mode. As with other portable JBL speakers, you can use the JBL Connect plus feature to wirelessly connect multiple JBL speakers for some really great immersive sound. How Technology is changing business with smart and unique type products. Technology is moving so much fast and for sure there is some Positive and Negative Effects of Technology with the passage of time.

Key Features:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, four point two for wireless connectivity and multiple wired connections for both playback and charging.
  • Dual mode: comes with indoor and outdoor modes.
  • IPX 7 rating: waterproof up to three feet of water.


  • Resilient design: sturdy and capable of being submerged in water without damage.
  • Battery: up to 24 hour playtime.
  • Sound quality: two 4 inch woofers, dual high performance tweeters and a powerful 30 watt amplifier delivers clear, monstrous sound even at louder volumes.
  • JBL Connect plus: connect wirelessly to other compatible JBL speakers.


  • No EQ: No EQ customization even via the app.


Final Verdict:

 If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker for great tunes by the patio pool, beach or tailgate party than the JBL boombox speakers, one of your best choices. It’s one of the most powerful portable speakers around and delivers monstrous sound and hard hitting bass to keep the party going.