Pawna Lake Camping Near Lonavala Pune Mumbai

Pawna Lake Camping Lonavala

Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you like to spend time in nature alone, or with friends or family? Are you looking for the best camping sites near Mumbai or Pune to spend your time this weekend? Well, we have some exciting, enthralling, and evergreen pieces of information for you.

Pawna Lake Camping is one of the best camping sites near Pune and Mumbai. Because it is in the laps of Western Ghats, filled with greenery, scenic spots, and adventure sports. In this blog, we will dive deep into how, where, when, and what to do in Pawna lake camping.

Where is Pawna lake camping?

Pawna lake camping is a scenic nature spot situated in laps of mother’s nature. It is a perfect picnic spot to spend quality and memorable time with your loved ones. Pawna lake camping is situated on the banks of the Pawna Dam and its tributaries.

Pawna lake camping site is an adventurous picnic spot situated approximately 20 km away from Lonavala. This amazing picnic spot Is approximately 60 kilometers away from Pune and 110 kilometers away from Mumbai respectively.

What is t in the history of Pawna lake camping?

Pawna lake is also famously known as pawna dam reservoir or Pavana lake camping. It is a reservoir built in Maval taluka in 1973 as a part of the Pavana dam project. The reservoir is the dam and the backwaters of this dam form a lake. Since then this locality has developed immensely and became a tourist attraction for people.

How to reach Pawna lake camping?

Pawana lake camping is a tourist spot that is well connected by trains, roads, and airways.

How to reach the Pawna Lake camping site by road?

Pawna lake camping is camping near Pune and Mumbai which has good connectivity by roads. People have to take the Mumbai Bangalore highway to reach this camping site near Lonavala.

People coming by four-wheeler from Mumbai or Pune can take the Mumbai Pune expressway and take a turn near Kamshet to reach this destination.

People coming by two-wheeler can take the old Mumbai Pune highway because non-gear bikes are not allowed on the expressway. Moreover, it is a scenic route that can be even enjoyed on a bike.

Pawana lake camping has public and private transport services if you do not have your vehicle. Maharashtra state government buses will have a lesser frequency but they have a daily trip up and down to the destination. In addition, you will find cabs or autos on a sharing basis to reach this destination.

How to reach Pawna lake camping by train?

Pawna lake camping is well connected by trains too. People traveling from Mumbai can catch an express train heading towards Pune and get down at Lonavala station.

Travelers traveling from Pune can catch a local train Pune and get down at Kamshet railway station.

You will get multiple options from these railway stations to reach your favorite camping site near Lonavala.

How to reach Pawna Lake Camping via air?

The nearest airport near pawna lake camping is Pune airport situated around 60 km away. Travelers can book a private cab from the airport to reach their destination without any hassles. The Mumbai international airport is approximately 110 km away from the destination.

When to visit Pawna lake camping?

Pawna lake camping near Lonavala is a tourist destination that you can visit in any season and enjoy nature. Western ghats become more beautiful in the monsoon season every year. Because you will be able to witness waterfalls, rain, streams and the greenery is in abundance. In the winter season, the climate is more pleasant and chilling wherein you spend comfortable and chilling time with your friends and family.

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What to do in Pawna Lake camping?

Pawna lake camping vendors provide all-inclusive packages for their guests where the guests do not have to worry. The best part about Pawna lake camping is that they provide tents for you and your loved ones to stay in to experience the authentic camping experience. Furthermore, they also cook food in a wood oven to give you an authentic experience of a rural setting. The terrain in the vicinity is so dynamic and rich that it provides a home to a lot of adventurous activities.

We would recommend you explore all the available activities in the vicinity that are on your bucket list. The best lake camping site in pawn will be a one-stop solution for all your adventure or travel needs. The Pawna lake camping site will provide tent stay in various packages for you to select the best one that fulfills your needs. They provide a comprehensive package that includes lunch, breakfast, bonfires, and stay. But you will have to confirm it before with the vendor and check what all services are available and what is the price for it.

You will find reviews, packages, contact numbers, and other vendor information on various portals. Additionally, the best Pawna lake camping site will customize the plan as per your needs to make your visit a memorable one. Furthermore, they will serve you authentic Maharashtrian food that will amaze your taste buds. The Pawna lake camping sites provide veg and nonveg packages as per your requirement. There are many forts, water streams, mountains, and other scenic spots that you can explore within a day. Various spots will allow you to hike, trek, cross rivers, rappel, and be a paraglider. Also, there are hot water balloon vendors in the vicinity that you can explore and visit the sky.

Pawna lake camp is surrounded by forts of the almighty king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for you to explore the history of Maharashtra. Many Pawna lake camp vendors provide water sports activities like kayaking, boating, and other activities that will satisfy your adrenaline rush. Pawna lake camping sites are perfect for all age groups where you can come with your family, friends, and colleagues and go home with a lot of cherishable memories. It is a tourist spot that will make the traveler inside you cherish itself and release all the stress of the urban landscape.

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